Weekly News (April 4-9)

Hello Panthers,

We are now up to our last week of practice before Songkran break, I know you will all be swimming so much during the break…but just incase your not, let’s make this week a good one. We are starting the week off right with our first ever 10 and under “Kick Off”.

To add to the fun, we will be making this event a “boys vs. girls” event. But it will be the Senior swimmers that reap the rewards or feel the sting of defeat. I have a huge kick set workout planned for the 11 and over swimmers today. But only half of the senior team will be doing this set. If the Jr. Boys win the kickoff meet, the Sr. Girls will do the big set. But, if the Jr. Girls win the meet…the Sr. Boys will do the set. So we will have the 11 and over swimmers watching closely after school waiting to see what their practice will be like. Good luck to you both.


Important Notes:

Songkran Swim Practice this Friday, April 8th:

All age Party “Practice”. Bring your water buckets and pistols etc etc

2:30-3:30 bring on the wetness!

Wednesday Morning Practice (Chakri Day) April 6th:

8:00 am Jr. Panther Cubs (25m pool), 10 and under Panthers 50 m pool

9:00 am 11 and over Panthers at 50 m pool

Collgate Tri-athlon. May 5th:

The swim team has always played a big role in this event and usually put in a very large competitive team…even the coaches get into it. More information and the registration link can be found at KidsTriathlon website.

Lap it up shirts:

The green lap it up drop box is on deck if you want to get your shirt updated.

4 Panthers compete at Thailand Nationals:

Caleb Duval, Chanon  Sawintara, Tar Tar Jarusinchai and Tyme Suteesopon (relay) spent the weekend at Assumption College competiting against the best age group swimmers in Thailand.  This is an amazing accomplishment for these young student athletes. Please congratulate them when you see them on deck this week.

Songkran Holiday next week:

There will be Saturday practice April 9th, but then no practices the rest of the holiday. Practices resume on April 18th.

Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):


***Colgate Kids Triathlon May 5th***

 ***ISB Pentathlon Meet May 14th***

***ISB Year End Sprint Fest 2016***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,