Steeped Tea Fundraiser

Steeped Tea Fundraiser - Due April 30

The Whitehorse Glacier Bears Fundraising Committee has moved forward with a Steeped Tea Fundraiser in which our club will receive 40% of the sales.

Start Date: Saturday, April 9 from 7 am - 10 am

Location for pick up of fundraising booklet (includes list of products and order form): On Deck during Time Trial from 7 am to 10 am.

1. Note: GST is charges only on Infusers and Steeping Sacks - Loose Tea is GST exempt.

2. Prices include shipping and handling

3. Pick up date for distribution to your individual purchasers will be announced.

Coordinator: Johanne Koser ([email protected], 393-4381)

Order Deadline: Saturday, April 30

Secure Drop Off Locations: Under Pool Office Door OR Front Desk at Sport Yukon


1.  cheque payable to Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club

2. cash

3. e transfer to [email protected] (total sales from swim family, not individual purchasers) - Sales Sheets must still be dropped off to swim club.

Our Goal: Each swimmer to sell $50 worth of tea products.

That means if 100 swimmers meet this goal, our club will make $2,000.

Incentives: Gifts for top 3 swimmer sellers