Rules for Timing Adjustments

Rules for Timing Adjustment 

Beginning May 1, 2016, the USA Swimming rules for timing adjustments due to a lane malfunction change to the following:

102.24.4D Adjustment for Malfunction on a Lane — When a malfunction is confirmed on a lane, the back-up times for that lane shall be calculated in accordance with 102.24.4B and integrated with the accurate primary times in establishing the official time and determin­ing the results.

With the adoption of this rule, timing adjustments will no longer require complicated calculations for lane malfunctions.  The backup time, as determined by 102.24.4B, will be the official time.  While the procedure for determining the official time has simplified, it remains the responsibility of the Administrative Official/Administrative Referee to determine if the primary time is valid.  Note, the procedures to adjust times due to a heat malfunction (102.24.4D in the 2016 rulebook) have not changed.

Beginning May 1, Meet Manager (MM) must be configured to accommodate this change.  Linked here is a set of simple instructions for how this process should work.  

Rules for Timing Adjustments