Please Help- Committee Positions and Pre-Season Jobs remain unfilled

General Volunteer sign ups are postponed until May 14th as we still haven't filled all requested positions.

All vacant parent committee positions and pre-season jobs must be filled before we can begin job sign ups and only accounts that have been paid in full will be able to access the online sign ups.

Jobs/Positions remaining:

White Eagle Swim Team Parent Committee Openings:

Serving as a committee chair fulfills your family's 5 meet/job requirement for the season. Thank you for your consideration of our parent committee and the future of Warrior Swimming.

Volunteer Coordinators – One Opening

The volunteer coordinators help the swim team member parents meet their volunteer commitments by inputting and assigning jobs from the online system prior to the start of the season.  They are also in charge of monitoring the electronic job board throughout the course of the season in case changes need to be made. Prior to the meets, this person must make sure all jobs are filled and provide email reminders to the working parents. They will also print the volunteer name tags and check-in the workers at the swim meets. One coordinator must arrive 1 hour early for each meet (home and away) to facilitate worker check-in, instruct parents as to their assignments and who to report to, and ensure that all areas are covered – once all workers are checked in, they are free to watch the meet, until the conclusion of the meet where they will check out volunteer timers and collect stopwatches.

Clerk of Course – One opening

Work with current committee Chair to manage bullpen area.  Responsibilities include:

  • Obtaining Heat Sheets from Computer area and distributing them for use by volunteers and swimmers during the meet.
  • Using the bullhorn (or own voice) loudly and confidently to announce the event to line up – event #, type, and age group
  • Assist other bullpen workers to ensure swimmers are lined up by Heat and Lane and in a timely manner and sent to the block

White Eagle Warriors Swim Meet Descriptions of Pre-Assigned Jobs

OFFICIALS – (One Position) Must attend a training clinic in May – this counts as one of your required jobs - you will then sign up to work ONLY 4 meets.  

Officials are trained as Starters, Referees, Stroke Judges, and/or Turn Judges.  During the meets officials observe the athletes and determine disqualifications during the swim.  The starter and referee call athletes to the starting blocks, judge starts and finishes and assure that all competition is being conducted according to conference rules. 

SET UP/CLEAN UP & MARSHALL – (Two Positions) Must be able to work at all HOME meets and assist with equipment preparation and storage (scheduled prior to first meet and after last meet)

This is a team of two volunteers who will help the coaches with general set-up of the pool for the meet and then return the pool deck to its original state at the conclusion of the meet.  These individuals will help retrieve equipment from the shed and closet, carry and install diving blocks and timing equipment, and set up tables/chairs and the scoring tent.  Prior to the start of the meet they will check for illegally parked cars (please report the plate # to the announcer) They will continue to monitor the parking lot a few times throughout the meet and monitor the team area to make sure trash is picked up and team conduct is appropriate for the duration of the meet. Check in with coaches/lead parents at 7:00 am for Saturday meets and 4:00 pm for week night meets for needed areas of assistance. Stay after the meet and check out with coaches/lead parents when area is clean and all items put away - this job requires an earlier arrival and staying later, but the work during the meet is not continuous.

Please note that with the general volunteer sign up, you only sign up for your desired 5 dates, your job will be assigned by the Volunteer Coordinators.  Job descriptions of possible assignments are listed on the website under the Documents tab for your reference.

Not one who likes surprises? Please consider one of thevparent committee positions and pre-season jobs listed above that must be filled ASAP. 

White Eagle Swim Team, like other volunteer run teams/organizations, relies on committees and committee leaders to make it all happen.  Our committees represent you and your expectations for our team. Committee members evaluate ideas and recommend actions that affect your team.

Each of you has the most needed quality that lends to operating a successful program – love for your children and desire for them to have a fun, safe and healthy summer experience.  For all of the positions, the outgoing members will work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

There is so much more that goes into operating this program than volunteering for the required jobs that ensure a smoothly run meet and season.  Perhaps you find that timing at 5 meets isn’t your 1st choice anymore and you feel that you could serve the team in this different capacity? Perhaps your family cannot imagine your summers without Warrior Swimming and you want to be a part of what makes it so great?  

Please email us by Wednesday April 13th if you are interested in claiming one of these positions.