Wawa Hoagie Coupons Now Available

Wawa Shorti Hoagie Coupons now available. Please support PVAC in a preseason fundraiser by purchasing hoagie coupons at $4.00 each. Look for Monique Zelin, Duane Gutshall, Tara Grindle, or Pam Sills at the PV Pool on Tuesday and Thursdays between 5:00 and 7:30PM to make your purchase, or email: [email protected] to order, arrange a different pick-up time, or help with selling (bundles of 25, 50 or more).

Also, look for one of us at Skippack and 9 Oaks swim suit try ons to purchase coupons.

Thank you!

Monique Zelin, Vice President, PVAC Board

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