Waiver Requirements and Billing Changes

the following went out via email on 4/27/16 to team members

As part of the transition,  the JCP CDD and RiverTown CDD requires that we have waivers on file.

Please print, sign, and have your child turn into his/or her coach...this must be done ASAP, and can not wait.
For Loggerhead Sr I and Sr Nat swimmers - you must fill out & turn in all three waivers (JCP, LA & Rivers Edge).
For all other training groups - fill out the JCP waiver and the Loggerhead waiver (ignore Rivers Edge one).
If the forms are not turned in by Wednesday, May 4th, your child will not be able to participate in practices or meets until all the necessary paperwork is received.  
In addition, please remember Loggerhead Aquatics is no longer accepting personal checks for payment.  We still have families who are dropping of monthly dues in the form of a check made out to JCP CDD.
Please access your account through our team website under "my account/payment set-up"  to add credit card, bank pay, or ACH information to your account.  
If you have any questions regarding this necessary step, please contact Charlotte Whitehead  charlotteloggerheadaquaticsf[email protected] or 904-342-0668.
Finally, you will notice a slight change in the timing of how we are billing meet fees.  Expect to see these fees charged to your account prior to the meet date, not after, as previously done.
Again, if you have any questions regarding this adjustment, please contact Charlotte Whitehead.
Thank your for your continued support of Loggerhead Aquatics.
Coach Mark Corley
Loggerhead Aquatics
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