Stroke and Turn Judges needed

Hello 2015 Barracuda families! As you have recently seen, the 2016 registration will be open on May 1st. One of the key elements of running this league is that each team has sufficient Stroke and Turn judges. Judges stand on deck for all swim events to ensure all swimmers are executing the proper strokes. It is the duty of a judge to fairly judge all swimmers in accordance with our league rules.

If you are someone who 1) can attend one of any 2 hour training sessions offered prior to the first meet, and 2) be able to fairly judge any swimmer in your assigned lane; we encourage you to become a judge. Swimmers must receive fair judgment, meaning you must be comfortable calling a disqualification if the swimmer clearly violated a stroke. This HELPS the kids to improve their strokes. If we don't call out bad strokes, kids do not learn to improve. Likewise, any doubt in whether or not a violation occurred goes to the benefit of the swimmer. Judges are to call disqualifications on clear substantiated violations. 

If you are interested in becoming a judge or was a judge previously and wish to do so again, please email Jim West at [email protected]. The schedule for trainings will be published on our website as soon as the league publishes.

Thank you!