Weekly News (May 2-7)

Hello Panthers,

We are officially four weeks away from the end of our swim year, so let’s do our best to get the most fun out of these weeks that we can.

For our year-end party on May 25th, we are still have over half the team undeclared on our website. Please go on there today and declare yourself as “Committed” or  “Declined”. We currently have 12 parents signed up for the meet, so we are half way to our total from last year…Come on Panthers, let’s make this the best year end party EVER! With Bob Connor as one of our guest competitors, how could this not be!

We are again fortunate enough that Rembradt Studios will be there to capture the fun.


Important Notes:


Jr. Panther Cub Fun Meet (Friday May 6):

All Jr. Panther Cubs are registered for this meet unless I hear from you to cancel. This meet will take place immediately after school and finish by 3:00.  


10 and under Dodge Ball Extravaganza (Friday May 6) 3:00pm Rajendra Gym:

After some serious lobbying by the Reid girls, we have booked the Rajendra gym for this Friday at 3:00pm. The coaches and all 10 and under swimmers will get the dodge balls out and go to town. Please come even if this is not your training days. We might even get some high school swimmers out for you to throw at.  Please bring running shoes, no playing in bare feet.


Collgate Tri-athlon. No Swim Team Training: May 5th

The swim team has always played a big role in this event and usually put in a very large competitive team…even the coaches get into it. More information and the registration link can be found at KidsTriathlon website.


Training times this month:

2:30- 3:00 Jr. Panther Cubs

3:00-4:00 10 and under Panthers

4:00-5:00 11 and over Panthers


Friday there is no Learn to Swim, but Jr. Panther Cubs can swim because we have cut their training short by 10 mins each day. This will start tomorrow.


Dryland training is completed for the end of the school year. Coach Indera has had to attend to family issues back in Malaysia. We will start right back up with this in August when we return to school.



Harrow 2 fast 2 furious May 14:

Registration for this meet is now closed.

If you are in need of transportation please fill out the following form. If you are traveling by yourself you do not need to fill this out.



Swim Clinic at RIS:

Ruamrudee International School will be hosting a swim clinic for all age swimmers on May 7th and 8th. See website for more information.



Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):


***Colgate Kids Triathlon May 5th***

***ISB Year End Sprint Fest 2016***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,