Download Your FREE Swimming Apps Today!

Download Your FREE Swimming Apps Today!


Deck Pass:

After activating your online USA Swimming account, you can download the Deck Pass application to your iPhone or Android mobile phone to 1) start earning virtual patches for competing; 2) check your IMX scores, best times, recent meets and rankings; and 3) connect with your friends in an online environment designed specifically for swim-team members. Please note that this Deck Pass application, which is linked to USA Swimming’s database, is different from the OnDeck Parent application, which is linked to Kingfish Aquatics’ TeamUnify website database.


To link your USA Swimming membership to your Deck Pass account, just follow the prompts after you sign up for Deck Pass. Then, all your times from USA Swimming-sanctioned meets will automatically be updated onto Deck Pass, so you can begin earning your virtual patches right away – or at least as soon as you compete in your first meet of the season. You automatically earn an America's Swim Team patch online when you sign up!


To learn more about Deck Pass, click-on the following link: What is Deck Pass?



OnDeck Parent:

This application allows you to have our TeamUnify website database at your fingertips.  You can view best times, meet results, time standards, and a list of all KAW swimmers attending a meet along with their events, and much more…


To download OnDeck Parent to your smartphone, click-on the following link: How do I download OnDeck Parent?  


Our team alias is required to log in to OnDeck. Sign in to our Kingfish team website and go to My Account> My Tutorials.  At the top of this page, you will see “Team Alias (case sensitive)” followed by a series of bold red letters. Please input this series of letters, which is case sensitive, into the Team Alias field in OnDeck. Our Kingfish team alias is all lowercase letters.


Obtaining the team alias: