Practice Changes May 6-7

We have made a few changes to this weekend's practice schedule in order to avoid practicing at ISU during commencement. The new schedule is below and will be updated on the website momentarily.

Gold 3:30-5:30 at West (no change)
Silver 4:00-5:30 at West (no change)
Bronze 4:30-5:30 at West

Silver and Gold 10:00-12:00 at IWU. This practice will be a mix of dryland and video technique work. Please come prepared with appropriate dryland shoes/clothing and water. We may be outside for part of the time, depending on the weather.
No Bronze practice

Bronze swimmers: Please feel free to attend an additional practice next week if you had planned to come on Saturday.

See you all tonight or later this week. Go FFSC!

Coach Tommy