Yukon Invitational Championships meet report & records - May 2016

Yukon Invitational Championships May 6 & 7, 2016

- report prepared by Head Coach Malwina Bukszowana

Link to Whitehorse Star newspaper article - May 9, 2016

More than 100 swimmers competed last weekend in Whitehorse. Our guests from Hollyburn Swim Team (North Vancouver), Hyack Swim Club (Vancouver), Inconnu (Fort St. John), Mackenzie Muskrat (Inuvik NWT), Haines Dolphins (Alaska), and 3 Special Olympics Yukon athletes (Ernest Chua, Kevin Spofford, and Sarah-Lee Edmonds), made a very positive change and a difference in the importance of our Championships.

Whitehorse swimmers were very excited to have more athletes to swim against. More excitement had a good influence on the results. Swimmers performed very well.

We have really good athletes in the younger groups, where we mostly work on the technique. The goal for this season was to be able to keep a good body position and a strong kick for the whole race, and all of those kids achieved it. Our Cubs B, swimmers 9 years old and younger, are very good at it now. Lots of our kids from Cubs squads were fighting even older friends in the water. They showed that they are very competitive. Some swimmers said that they want to break the club records in the future. It was good to hear that, because at this level we only focus on a good technique, and we try to establish working habits. Hearing about the young swimmers willing to break the records is good when it comes from them. They slowly learn to be responsible and they learn to set up the goals.
It was great to see Misa Svoboda, Ben Qually, Simon Connell, Daniel Phillips- Freedman, Jonah Mc Connell, Yinger Zhang, Lydia Brown, Victoria Mannen, Alyssa Mc Culloch, come back for the finals and swim even faster in the evening and 2 girls as alternates Kale Massie and Rowan Nehring.

WGB swimmers from Brown and Black Bears squad also improved a lot. Some of those athletes, surprised even their own coach Richard.  The best times were broken one after another. The improvement in each stroke is great, and for sure it is going to help them achieve more in the near future.

Coach Richard says: swimmers swam well, lots of personal best times, especially from those who turned out to train on a regular basis. Several finals and a number of medals. It is always lovely to see swimmers compete considering they train so much! Well done everyone.

With every swim meet, Polar Bears swimmers, coaches by Kathy, get more qualifying times for AA and AAA BC Championships. It is great to see that the level of the club is rising every season. It all doesn’t come easy. Our swimmers and coaches are putting a lot of hard work into it.

Coach Kathy said: Polar Bear swimmers rocked the pool this past weekend as the group achieved 95% best times. Hats off to Thomas Gishler at 10 years old who swam the tough 200m fly race for the first time and who surprised us all by getting a Swim BC AAA qualifying time. Solid performances were made by Amelia Barrault who made not only the second but her fourth AA qualifying time.  Emma Boyd not be undone by her team mates efforts realized her goal of breaking a sub 30 seconds on the 50m free, this one has alluded her for a while. Newcomers to the club Finn Johnson and Josh Zaidan swam the 400 IM for their first time along with Kassua Dreyer, Ruby Ashthorn-Lieu, Amelia Ford and Thomas Gishler.  Other outstanding performances from the group were made by Naomi Dedon, Ming huang, Luanda Provonost, Wesley Vangel, Cooper Muir, Chris Blakesly, Liam Diamond, Noah Connell.

The oldest athletes from Kodiaks and Silvertips squads have the Provincial qualifying times already. They have younger swimmers chasing them and trying to be better, so as the role models, they keep working hard and they still improve. The work at this level is more detailed, so it requires a lot of focus and own responsibility from each swimmer. All of Kodiaks and Silvertips swimmers set up a good example of trying hard in every race. They have goals and few of those athletes ended up crawling out of the pool after races. For sure the smiles after they touched the wall are unforgettable.

In general the WGB club did very well. With many best times, improvement in every stroke and happiness on the kid’s faces, there is nothing to complain about. All of that motivates our coaches to continue working as they do.


The individual age categories winners:
10 and under: Clement Sidney (Hollyburn) and Gishler Thomas (WGB)
11-12: Dreyer Kassua (WGB) and Simons Liam (Inconnu)
13-14: Kingscote Hannah (WGB) and Harvey Aidan (WGB)
15 and over: Lindsay Cassis (WGB) and Robinson Adrian (WGB)

Yukon Championships records:
50 Breast (44.38)                   Sidney Clement, Hurricanes

100 Breast (1:33.53)                   Sidney Clement, Hurricanes

200 Breast (3:18.93)                   Sidney Clement, Hurricanes

50 Back (31.75) Hannah Kingscote, WGB                 

400 I.M. (5:21.71) Rennes Lindsay, WGB                 

100 I.M. (1:09.64) Cassis Lindsay, WGB

100 Fly (1:30.59) Thomas Gishler, WGB

200 Fly (3:20.17) Thomas Gishler, WGB

400 I.M. (6:41.20) Thomas Gishler, WGB

800 Free (10:16.47) Alex Petriw, WGB

50 Fly (30.60) Mael Pronovost, WGB

50 Breast (37.85) Ethan Bahng, HYACK

100 I.M. (1:13.94) Mael Pronovost, WGB

400 I.M. (5:34.29) Ethan Bahng, HYACK

100 Free (55.09) Adrian Robinson, WGB

200 Free (2:05.57) Adrian Robinson, WGB

50 Breast (31.23) Adrian Robinson, WGB

100 I.M. (1:02.18) Adrian Robinson, WGB

WGB club records: 
Hannah Kingscote 50 back (31.75)
Thomas Gishler 100 Fly (1:30.59)
Thomas Gishler 200 Fly (3:20.17)
Thomas Gishler 400 IM (6:41.20)
Mael Pronovost 100 IM (1:13.94)
Adrian Robinson 100 Free (55.09)
Adrian Robinson 50 Fly (27.88)
Adrian Robinson 50 Breast (31.23)
Adrian Robinson 100 IM (1:02.18)