Weekly News (April 16-22)

Hello Panthers,

Wow, I cannot believe we are down to our last two weeks of practice. On Saturday at Harrow, we finished off our last swim meet with some very “hot” swims from our younger swimmers. Never in my life have I seen pails of water poured over the starting blocks to cool them down. Amazing effort put in by our swimmers, in very hot weather. 

Let’s have everyone out to practice these last two weeks and let’s send off the season on some high notes. As with last week, we will be having some non-swim fun in the pool on Wednesday and Thursday. What will it be? You will have to come and see!

Important Notes:

Year-end Party: Update

We now have over 160 swimmers signed up to swim at the Sprintfest next Wednesday… so with our coaches and parents added in to the mix we are looking at almost 200 people.

I am going to workout the actual program this week, but it certainly looks like it would be impossible to swim all 4 strokes and be finished by 5:00pm. So please be ready for an abbreviated version of last year when we had ten lanes at our disposal. Not to worry, it will still be tons of fun!

***We will relays, so if you have a team you would like to swim with, please send it to me. Right now we have 6 relays teams***

***Please sign up for the dinner if you have not already***

Party and dinner schedule:

2:15 Swim meet starts

4:30 Swim meets ends (you have time to change and look nice for the dinner)

5:00 Dinner begins

5:30 Awards “Show” begins


Break out sessions with squads: Monday May 23 and Tuesday May 24

On these two days, our coaches will be addressing the squads with an intimate discussion on how the year went and celebrate some lighter moments that will not be looked at during the awards dinner. There will also be year-end celebration gifts distributed at this time.  Please do your best to make your training days during one of these two days.


Next Year Training Time for Jr. Panther Cub Squads:

I have really liked the look of our Panther Cub squads training at the 25m pool all together. I also really, really like the Friday session when our squads have the whole pool to themselves with out sharing the pool with “Learn to Swim”.

So because of this, we will have Jr. Panther Cub Squads training after Learn to Swim next year. This means a start time of 3:45pm. Many of our current Jr. Panther Cubs are more than ready for the regular 8 and under squads that swim at 2:30. So it is safe to say there will be plenty of options next year for our younger swimmers.



Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):


***ISB Year End Sprint Fest 2016***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,