January Challenge Meet Info!!
January Challenge Meet Info
·         January 16-17, 2010

·         Mt. Tahoma High School Pool
o   4634 South 74th Street
o   Tacoma, Washington    98409
o   Phone 253-571-3645

·         Directions:  Bellevue to Mt. Tahoma High School Pool:   Click Here

Warm-Up& Competition
  • Swimmers are expected to be suited and ready for the warm-up 5 minutes prior to warm-up time. Keep in mind that warm-ups for the afternoon sessions may start a bit earlier.
·         Saturday Session 1         WU 8:00-9:00am
o   Meet 9:00-12:19pm est.
·         Saturday Session 2         12:15-1:15pm
o   Meet 1:15-6:06pm
·         Sunday Session 3           WU 8:00-9:00am         
o   Meet 9:00-12:30pm est.
·         Sunday Session 4           WU 12:30-1:30pm
o   Meet 1:30-4:18pm

Timeline (estimate):       Click Here

Meet Info                       Click Here

Team Entries:                  Click Here

Relay Assignments:       Click Here