Hi Coog Families

This Saturday will be Coogswim 2016 and we are hoping it will be even more successful than last years event. The money raised from this event will go towards buying new pool equipment for all the swimmers as well as covering the gift card donations from families for our bingo event in August. Our aim is that every swimmer raises over $100. Just like last year, there are prizes for each swimmer who manages to raise specific amounts, the list of prizes and more information on the event can be found on the website.

Both junior groups, both senior groups and national group will be swimming between 7-8:30am. That gives them 90 minutes to try and complete the 5000m goal distance.

All other groups will be swimming from 8:30-10am. That includes swimmers from Age Group South.

After the swim is completed we will have donuts and drinks for the swimmers, not the usual bbq.

Greg Orphanides
Head Coach
Houston Cougar Aquatic Sports
832 244 5503