Weekly News (May 23-27)

Hello Panthers,

Year-end Party: Update

We have over 200 swimmers taking part in the Sprintfest fun on Wednesday and over 300 for dinner, so this is going to be a big party…just the way we like it.

Please ensure that you are paying attention during the festivities and do not miss your race. If your family is swimming I have put you in the same heats so you can have a family showdown.

Special Swims:

HEAT #4: We have one family relay heat, so we will take our time to set up for that one.

HEAT #9: Past Alumni are coming back to swim and show us what they have learnt since leaving ISB.

The coaches are distributed amongst the heats, so if your lucky…you will have a chance to swim against your coach.

At the end of the swimming, the high school will lead us through a new tradition they have borrowed from IASAS…we will see how it works, but everyone has to get in the pool for this one!


The program is being sent out in a separate email, so please check it to see that you are in the program.


Swimming schedule (25 m pool):

2:15-2:30 10 and under warm up

2:30-2:40 11 and over warm up

2:40-2:50 Adult All-stars Warm up (swimmers can giggle at this time)

3:00 meet starts

4:30 Swim meets ends (you have time to change and look nice for the dinner)


Dinner Schedule (MPB 1,2 &3)

5:00 Dinner begins

5:30 Awards “Show” begins

6:30 Time to go home 


Break out sessions with squads: Monday May 23 and Tuesday May 24

On these two days, our coaches will be addressing the squads with an intimate discussion on how the year went and celebrate some lighter moments that will not be looked at during the awards dinner. Please do your best to make your training days during one of these two days.


Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):


No Meets


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,