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Good Day Everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Some nice welcoming rain upon us.  
With the Casino just over a month away, I need to tie up some loose ends.  First of all, thank you to those who have signed up, so far.  It’s a crappy weekend to have it, but with a few more people, we will have our spots filled.  
These are what I have left.
All Spots for July 1 are filled.
July 2 Amalgamator   1230am-315am (Technically the 3rd of July)
Cashier     1200pm-800pm  (requires a record check)
Chip Runner     730pm-330am
Sorter 1230am-315am (Technically the 3rd of July
The following positions that require a criminal record check are as follows:
General Managers, Bankers, Count Room Supervisors, and Cashiers.  
There is a form on the website that needs to be filled out and sent to St Albert before June 15.  If you print it off and fill it out, I can mail them together with the ones I have.  Otherwise, you will have to mail it to AGLC yourselves.
Easiest way to find a copy online is to google Casino Volunteer Worker Application.  
The website also will have descriptions of what each position does.  So if you are unsure, please check it out.  
If anyone has any questions, feel free to email either Caley or myself  or call 780-335-4194.
Thanks everyone!  Have a fabulous evening.
Karen Rotvik
Casino Coordinator