Weekly Warrior News -- Week of June 6

Reminders for this week June 6 – June 12:

(A LOT going on, please read ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH Monday - Saturday ):

Swimmers should be On Time for practice (on the deck, in their suit, with their goggles, etc. and ready to enter the water at the posted start time).

BRING TO PRACTICE: A labeled bag with towels, swimsuit, swim cap, goggles, water bottle and warm clothing or sunblock (weather related).

During practice, parents may sit in the concession or tennis areas of the Club Pool. Please do NOT confer with coaches during practice times. In order to provide your children with the best instruction possible, the Coaches politely request that parents ask questions or consult the Coaches via email at Thank you for your cooperation.  

Monday - Regular morning practice schedule begins

Monday through Friday (June 6 – July 22)



13 & Older 

8:00 – 9:30 AM

11 / 12

8:30 – 9:30 AM 

(may come earlier, however this is optional)

7 / 8

9:30 - 10:15 AM

9 / 10 and
6 & under

10:15 - 11:00 AM

Tuesday – Picture Day

Swim Team Pictures
Wear your team suit and team t-shirt -- team tee shirts and swim suits (if ordered) will be passed out at practice Monday and at pictures Tuesday morning.
Payment forms/envelopes available the day of pictures -- Cash or Check Payable to The Picture Man, Inc.
It is important that alll team members be in the group photograph even if you are not purchasing a package.
Please see pool arrival times and pricing listed below:

Please arrive at the following times per age group….individual pictures will be taken and then an age-group photo will be taken for each group. Please have your child attend for the team photo even if you do not want to order individual pictures. Also, a photo of the entire team will be taken at 8:10am if all age groups can please plan to be present at that time.
Please arrive no later than the times listed below. - It is early, but best for light and we will not have a regular practice schedule that day
Ages 13 – 18 7:20 am
Ages 11 – 12 7:40 am
Ages 9 – 10 8:00 am
Ages 7 – 8 8:20 am
Ages 6 & under 8:40 am

* Sign up Deadline is midnight this night for 6/14 meet @ River Run - Make sure you are clicking on "save changes" - please email Coach Lauren at [email protected] if you are having problems using the on line system so she knows if you are swimming or not.  It would be great to have all of our swimmers either committed or declined by the deadline :) 

Directions for signing up your swimmers for meets can be found on the website under the ‘Meets/Social Events’ Tab – sub tab ‘Signing Up for Meets’

Wednesday – Regular morning practice

Thursday – Regular morning practice * Sign up Deadline is midnight this night for 6/11 Time Trial meet

Directions for signing up your swimmers for meets can be found on the website under the ‘Meets/Social Events’ Tab – sub tab ‘Signing Up for Meets’

Friday - Regular morning practice followed by:

6:00 pm Big Fish / Lil Fish Social - All interested/participating swimmers come to the WEGC pool for fun with your Big/Lil fish. Details Below:         

6:00 pm

ALL Swimmers Arrive

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Big/Little Fish Match Ups & Activities

7:00 - 7:30 pm

Treat Time

What is Big Fish / Little Fish? – A fun program designed to unite and strengthen the White Eagle Warriors swim team by partnering older and younger swimmers.

Who’s involved? – All interested swimmers will be paired with a teammate on June 10th.

Who’s the Big Fish and who’s the Little Fish? – For the most part, the ‘Little’ fish will be a swimmer of age 10 and below.  Thus, the ‘Big’ fish will be a swimmer from ages 11-18.  We will pair one Little fish with one Big fish.

What do I do in the program? - Each week, we will have a small task to complete for your corresponding Big/Little fish.  Some of these tasks may include:

·         Designing a poster to help cheer on your Big/Little fish during his/her races

·         Create a motivational card to pump up your Big/Little fish for the meet

·         Treat your Big/Little fish to their favorite candy in order to get energized for his/her race

Why are we starting the Big/Little fish program? – Because it is awesome having that extra support and friend on the swim team.  GO WARRIORS!

If you want to participate, but cannot attend on June 10, please notify Coach Lauren

Saturday – Time Trials at HOME

8:00 am

Swimmers arrive & check-in

8:30 am

Warm-Ups begin

8:30 am

Parent workers check in

9:00 am

Meet begins

What is Time Trials? – It is an important pre-season meet that all swimmers should attend.  Team eligibility will be determined at this meet.  All 7/8 and 6 & Under swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards (the length of the pool) without touching the bottom or sides of the pool or lane lines.

Time Trials is a great run through for new swimmers and their families to familiarize them with meet procedures as well as an opportunity to establish base times for our dual meets.  All swimmers will swim freestyle and backstroke. 

** VERY IMPORTANT **  ALL SWIMMERS are expected to attend Time Trials.  You will need to sign up your swimmer(s) to attend this meet using the online meet sign up process just as you would for any of the other swim meets.

The coaches will be using these initial times to evaluate your child’s swimming abilities and determine goal setting for your child. 

If you absolutely cannot attend Time Trials, please notify Coach Lauren @ [email protected] so she can determine another means to evaluate your swimmer. 

As always, please email me ([email protected] for team/admin related questions or Coach Lauren [email protected] for practice/meet related questions)

Thanks and have a great week -


Go Warriors!