Weekly Notes for June 6-11

Practices for June 6-11:  Regular Monday through Thursday All Groups.  NO Friday & Saturday due to Meet.

Mitchell Commitment Deadline is today (Sunday, June 5).

Brookings Meet Volunteer Sign-ups...please do this asap.  If you can work more than your designated shifts...that would be greatly appreciated.

Social Items:  1) Practice Makes Perfect is now underway.  Swimmers names put in a lottery on every Tuesday (lottery is for the previous weeks (Monday through Saturday) practices.    2) June 6/7 Surprise Treat Day...Surprise Treats given out at the PM Practice (Monday= Bronze, Silver, Gold;   Tuesday= Platinum, Junior, Senior).     3) June 9 Home Meet Potluck...Hillcrest, Shelter A...7:30pm...families asked to provide either a fruit or dessert...afterwards will set up for meet.    4) June 20 Finding Dory Movie...there is a change to this information (listed in Events)...since we're not getting at least 30, we must pay the regular discounts, popcorn or soda included....will have a parent get there early to save a seat section. 

Brookings Invite:  1) June 9 Potluck...everyone is encouraged to attend!  Help set up the pool.  The more...the merrier...and faster it's done.    We're at 300 swimmers.  We will email out around Wednesday the warm-up/time line schedules.   There will be a Meet Shirt and Splash Multi-Sport will be attending with a variety of swimming items to purchase.

Outdoor Pool Weather Policy:  If thunder or lightning is heard/seen...we have to clear pool for 30-minutes and this runs until the last hearing/sighting.  1) Make sure your family has SMS Capabilities so you can receive last second cancelations.  Also, if a practice is cancelled during that practice due to weather.   2) If questionable weather...make sure a coach is at pool before you drop you swimmer off (outdoor pool).  You may not have received a text/email for a cancelled practice (if not signed up for SMS).

If Practice is Cancelled or Delayed... we will send out both an SMS Text and an Email.  If you have not received an email...assume practice is still on!    This is why it's important to Add SMS-Texting to your phone/account.

Setting up SMS Messaging:  Each family is allowed 4 emails & 2 SMS/Text capable phone numbers.  Additionaly, each member (swimmer) can have their own email & 1 SMS number registered.  Here's the steps to register for SMS/Texting (found in tutorial section...membership: add & verify a cell # for SMS/Texting.

1) Sign into your membership account.    2) Click My Account> my account.    3) Click Members tab & then click their name; otherwise stay on current screen.    4) in the SMS field (1/2 way down..Fill in Cell Number.    5) Pick the cell carrier for that phone from the drop down menu.    6) Click SAVE in uppper right and you should receive a text very shortly to verify text.    7) Check your cell phone for a 'Verify your SMS' text from notifications & alias...may take a couple minutes for some carriers.    8) tap the link;  you should see either a "success or sorry already validated'.  If problems...see the remainder of this tutorial section fo what do do's.