Dave Thomas from USA Swimming teaching CLBMS 201 On June 9th in Birmingham.

 CLBMS 201 is a companion in-person course which is required prior to the second year of club membership and strongly encouraged for all club leaders. Completion of the 101 online course is advisable prior to attending a 201 course.  The five hour in-person course is taught by USA Swimming staff members in an interactive, discussion based format. The course goes in depth on a variety of topics related to successful club governance for all club models.

CLBMS Class on Thursday June 9th

Mountain Brook YMCA. 
Their address is 2401 20TH Place South, Birmingham AL 35223. 
from 10 - 4 PM. Contact Dave Thomas if you want to attend.
Dave will also be available to do Club vists from June 10 - 18. Can meet with swimmers, coaches, parents and/or club boards.
Contact Dave Thomas if interested