Evergreen Locker Cleanout and CRC Closure

 The Evergreen State College will be cleaning out all of the locker rooms beginning on the morning of June 9th thru June 20th.  The entire CRC will be closed during this period and all of our swimmers will need to clean out their lockers by the evening practice of June 8th.  If lockers are not cleaned out and locks not removed by that time your swimmer's items will be bagged and put into lost and found.  We will still be able to swim during this period but your coaches will be locking and unlocking the building so please make sure that your swimmer's are not dropped off early and picked up promptly in the evenings.  Our access to the locker rooms may be limited and all swimmers will need to make sure that they are bringing all of their items up to the pool deck during this time period as we do not know when the cleanings will be occurring.  For families that were with us last year, this process is a yearly affair and will be over quickly!  If you have any questions, please ask your swimmer's coach.