Big Fish / Little Fish Social

Reminder: Friday @ 6:00 pm Big Fish / Lil Fish Social - All interested/participating swimmers come to the WEGC pool for fun with your Big/Lil fish.

Details Below:         

6:00 pm

ALL Swimmers Arrive

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Big/Little Fish Match Ups & Activities

7:00 - 7:30 pm

Treat Time


What is Big Fish / Little Fish? – A fun program designed to unite and strengthen the White Eagle Warriors swim team by partnering older and younger swimmers.

Who’s involved? – All interested swimmers will be paired with a teammate on June 10th.

Who’s the Big Fish and who’s the Little Fish? – For the most part, the ‘Little’ fish will be a swimmer of age 10 and below.  Thus, the ‘Big’ fish will be a swimmer from ages 11-18.  We will pair one Little fish with one Big fish.

What do I do in the program? - Each week, we will have a small task to complete for your corresponding Big/Little fish.  Some of these tasks may include:

·         Designing a poster to help cheer on your Big/Little fish during his/her races

·         Create a motivational card to pump up your Big/Little fish for the meet

·         Treat your Big/Little fish to their favorite candy in order to get energized for his/her race

Why are we starting the Big/Little fish program? – Because it is awesome having that extra support and friend on the swim team.  GO WARRIORS!

If you want to participate, but cannot attend on June 10, please notify Coach Lauren @   [email protected]