Weekly Warrior News -- Week of June 13

A few reminders for this upcoming week June 13-June 18:

General Announcements:

1.  Remaining caps/shirts/suits were handed out today – Make sure you label all items with your swimmer’s name.

2. To View Results from meets - When results are available (usually within 24-48 hours) log in to your account and Click on 'My Account' on left column and select 'My Meet Results'.  Choose the member you want to view - all results will be displayed.  Please utilize the website to view results and do not email admin to ask when they will be posted - we really don't know - every team’s computer person has a different timeline.  If you have any questions after viewing the results, please email the coaches.

3. To View Events your swimmer is signed up for - When coaches have entered events for a meet they will appear on the website (usually 24-48 hours before the meet).  Click on the Meets/Social Events Tab to get the list where you signed up for the meet.  Go to the meet you wish to view and select the 'Edit Commitment' button.  Your swimmers and the events they are scheduled to swim will appear.  NOTE: THESE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE SO ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK WITH THE COACHES WHEN YOUR SWIMMER CHECKS IN THE DAY OF THE MEET.

Monday - Regular practice scheduled 

Tuesday - Regular practice scheduled

AWAY meet vs. River Run - Swimmers arrive 4:30 to check in, volunteers check in by 5 and warm ups begin at 5.  Meet will start at 5:30. Deadline to sign up for this meet has passed.  If you have any changes - please email Coach Lauren ASAP

Reminder:  On meet days, if you have an unforeseen late arrival - sick child, car problems, etc., please use the team and coach emails to notify us and if you have a friend who is at the meet, give them a call/text too so they can let us know.

Wednesday - Regular practice scheduled

Warrior Pride Meet @ WVHS (for those who registered) – Warm-ups from 5-5:55pm, Opening Ceremony @ 6:00pm, Meet starts @ 6:15pm.

  • DEADLINE to sign up for Saturday meet is midnight this night - please email Coach Lauren at [email protected] if you are having problems using the on line system so she knows if you are swimming or not.  It would be great to have all of our swimmers either committed or declined by the deadline :)

Thursday - Regular practice scheduled 

Friday - Regular practice scheduled

  • DEADLINE to sign up for Tuesday 6/21 meet is midnight this night.

Saturday - HOME meet vs. Saybrook (Pajamas Theme) - Swimmers arrive 7:30 a.m. to check in, volunteers check in by 8 and warm ups begin at 8.  Meet will start at 8:30

-  DEADLINE to sign up for this meet is Wednesday JUNE 15th by midnight.

**Keep your eyes out for another email soon with Big Fish Little Fish assignments and details**

As always, please email ([email protected] for team/admin related questions or Coach Lauren [email protected] for practice/meet related questions)

Thanks and have a great week!