Big Fish Little Fish List and Guidelines 2016

Big Fish Little Fish

What is Big Fish / Little Fish? – A fun program designed to unite and strengthen the White Eagle Warriors swim team by partnering older and younger swimmers.
Who’s involved? – All interested swimmers will be paired with a teammate -- please click here to see the list of pairings (this list can also be found under the documents tab of the website).  Please note that due to the large 7-8 group, some big fish may have two little fish.  Also, we received a form with no name on it so if you submitted a form but don't see your swimmer's name on the list, please send an email to [email protected]
Swimmers can pick up the slips that their big/little fish filled out at practice on Monday.
Who’s the Big Fish and who’s the Little Fish? – For the most part, the ‘Little’ fish will be a swimmer of age 9 and below.  Thus, the ‘Big’ fish will be a swimmer from ages 10-18.  We will pair one Little fish with one Big fish.
What do I do in the program? – Throughout the season, we will have a small task to complete for your corresponding Big/Little fish.  Some of these tasks may include:
ýh         Designing a poster to help cheer on your Big/Little fish during his/her races
ýh         Create a motivational card to pump up your Big/Little fish for the meet
ýh         Treat your Big/Little fish to their favorite candy in order to get energized for his/her race
Why do we have the Big/Little fish program? – Because it is awesome having that extra support and friend on the swim team.  GO WARRIORS!
June 13th - June 18th : Meet/Introduce yourself to your fish – make a card for your fish!
June 20th-June 25th: Cheer for your fish at a swim meet!
June 27st–July 2nd: Put a good luck note in your fish’s ribbon folder!
July 4th- July 9th:   Cheer for your fish at a swim meet!
July 11th- End of the Season:  Surprise your fish with a treat no more than $5 in value and keep cheering for your fish!