24th Annual Kamloops June Classic - June 3-5

24th Annual Kamloops June Classic swim meet - 3-5 June 2016

Report by Head Coach Malwina Bukszowana
Day 1
100 Breaststroke 
Cassidy Cairns A final 1.28,40, placed 6th
Ella Shepherd- Pollock B final 1.29,86, placed 13th
Thomas Bakica B final 1.26,31 placed 11th 
Luke Bakica A final 1.16,95, placed 4th
50 Backstroke 
Hannah Kingscote A final 32.95, placed 3rd, new WGB club record
Aidan Harvey A final 34.65, placed 7th 
Alex Petriw B final 37.60, placed 14th 
50 Freestyle 
Hannah Kingscote B final 30.86, placed 15th 
Aidan Harvey B final 30.37, placed 16th 
Relay 4x 50 Freestyle girls 13-14: Cassidy Cairns, Hannah Kingscote, Ella Pollock- Shepherd, Emma Boyd placed 5th 
Day 2
400 IM
Luke Bakica 5.31,48, placed 12th 
100 Freestyle
Cassidy Cairns B final 1.06,91, placed 14th
Aidan Harvey, B final 1.06,98, placed 14th
200 Backstroke
Hannah Kingscote, A final 2.40,61, placed 8th
Aidan Harvey, A final 2.38.84, placed 5th
200 Breaststroke 
Luke Bakica A final 2.45,70, placed 4th
50 Fly
Hannah Kingscote A final 31.50, placed 6th
Relay 4x 50 Medley
Girls 13-14: Ella, Cassidy, Hannah, Emma, placed 6th 
Boys 15& over: Aidan, Luke, Thomas, Alex, placed 7th 
Day 3
200 Freestyle 
Alex Petriw B final 2.27,86, placed 14th 
Aidan Harvey B final 2.32,16, placed 16th
100 Fly 
Hannah Kingscote A final 1.12,33, placed 8th
Thomas Bakica B final 1.18,97, placed 14th 
100 Backstroke
Hannah Kingscote B final 1.16,47, placed 11th 
Aidan Harvey A final 1.15,18, placed 8th
Alex Petriw B final 1.20,45, placed 16th 
50 Breaststroke 
Cassidy Cairns B final 40,98, placed 13th 
Ella Pollock- Shepherd B final 41,14, placed 15th
Rebecca Koser B final 40,10, placed 10th 
Thomas Bakica B final 39,07, placed 9th 
Luke Bakica A final 34,74, placed 7th, new WGB club record
All 10 WGB swimmers who went to Kamloops, tried hard in all the races. Sometimes the effort was rewarded with the finals and the best times, but sometimes it was not enough to achieve the goal. The closest to win a medal was Luke Bakica. He was only few milliseconds away from a bronze in 200 Breaststroke, but had nothing left at the finish to defend his leading position. Every race is a lesson, so Luke as well as his team mates, are coming back home with more experience. 
Hannah did well in her Fly races, but missed qualifying time for National AG this time. She has one more chance to qualify at BC AAA Championships in July and she is coming back home with a lot of motivation. Hannah proved again that her under water fly kicks off the walls are very fast, she barely has anybody able to keep up with her off the walls. 
Thomas is another under water specialist. He begins to use it in his races. Thomas improved his Backstroke and he keeps working on his Fly and in both of those events the under water fly kicks are very important. Together with his great Breaststroke and good Freestyle, he is going to swim much faster in his favourite individual medley events. 
Aidan keeps showing his talent in Backstroke. Even being injured and with not much training he managed to make the finals.  
Ella and Cassidy are both working on Breaststroke and it pays off. Both girls are always watching each other's and this creates a healthy competition. Both are improving and qualifying to the finals. 
Alex is our long distance Freestyle specialist, and none of his best events were here, but he still made finals in shorter Freestyle and Backstroke races. This boy is a fighter and he races and pushes hard every time when he has a chance to swim. 
Emma improved her times a lot. She is a fast growing girl and she has a lot of potential. She is very tall and she can reach far, which is an advantage in swimming, but there is still a lot to improve in her strokes. Emma swam well all her races, beating her best times, but it was not enough for the final this time. 
Great weekend, full of best times, had Rebecca. She is a patient and hard working swimmer, who doesn't give up easy. Rebecca is always around her younger friends from the squad, cheering them on during the races, working well in practice and after a long time waiting for it, she qualified to the final on the last day. It was a very well deserved final and it was good to see the excitement on her face. 
Taylor Harvey, one of the oldest girls from our team this weekend, who is working very hard recently in practice, swam well deserved best times. It was not enough to make a final but she is happy with the improvement. 
Both girls, Rebecca and Taylor, are a good example for our younger swimmers. They work hard, they help a lot, they never complain, and swimming their best times after many months of working for it, they both showed the kids that sometimes you have to just keep working for much longer than you wish, but it is worth it. 
Beside the good swims and the finals, our WGB swimmers had also fun teaching BC Lions players how to swim. They are coming back with some swimming experience, some fun memories from on deck and some excitement after talking to (as they described it) "massive" BC Lions players.