SAC Updates

* We WILL have practice Monday morning at the Chambersburg Country Club.


* Remember to sign up for Monday night's meet at Gettysburg! Be there at 5:15pm for attendance and warm-ups. The meet will begin at 6:00 and conclude around 8:00. The meet will be held at the Gettysburg YWCA.


* Our 3rd CASL meet has been moved Friday, June 24 and will be at Cumberland Valley. This is a tri-meet with Mercersburg and CV, meaning this meet will count as two towards the CASL three meet requirement for postseason eligibility. Be there at 4:45pm for attendance and warm-ups. The meet will begin at 6:00 and end around 8:00pm. A revised signup for this meet and the volunteer posting was sent out earlier under separate cover.


* Carlisle meet entries are due by Tuesday, June 28 at 5pm!!!


* Please help spread the word about our evening instructional programs at Memorial Park pool. I saw a couple of local social media accounts were recently shut down. These were valuable vehicles for us in elevating our community exposure. Info on the class offerings may be found  here.


* NLAC meet attendees: note the change in warm-up times this weekend that I forwarded along to you yesterday.


Thanks and enjoy your weekend!