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First Home Meet Info

As we prepare for our first home meet on Saturday I wanted to go over some of the details and timeline.

Monday - Remember practices are in the morning and the schedule is on a rotating basis the remainder of the season (except for 8 & under). There is a scheduled attached if you still need one. All swimmers need to tell the coaches what events they want to swim in for Saturday's meet. If anyone is going to miss the meet then please give it to the coaches in writing.

Water Bottles - We will continue the tradition of asking each family to donate one case(half liter bottles). We not only use this water to sell at concessions but to hand out to volunteers at our home meets. Please drop off your donations inside the front gate to the pool on the right side.

Job Sign Up - Watch for a notification regarding job sign up either later today or tomorrow morning. We are in need of extra help with ribbons, computer data entry, clerk of course and officiating. If you have any questions regarding the roles then please reach out to me.

Home Team Etiquette - It's always been a tradition at Montclair to give the away team the pool deck to set up and we take the parking lot. In addition, as host team, everyone needs to be aware of trash on the deck and in the rest rooms. If everyone pitches in during the meet then there is less work at the conclusion of the meet.

Friday Nite Setup - All hands are needed at the pool deck on Friday at 7:00 PM to get the pool ready for Saturday. Then more help we have the sooner Friday Happy Hour can start. Concessions will be meeting at 5:00 PM to pull equipment and get ice at Food Lion. Feel free to join us if you are bored.(I will have some adult beverages on hand for all that show up to help.)