Volunteering and Concession Stand

Dear Team Members,                        June 20, 2016


The Board of Directors is very excited about plans for the upcoming Summer Season.


We are planning for the Maraurders to participate in the annual Bennington Battle day parade on August 14th. So far, plans include a float decorating party the night before and a freeze pop for everyone after the parade. This event will help us celebrate our 30th anniversary and will be a great way for our team to move toward the next 30 years with continued success.  


We are asking for volunteers to assist with making this a great summer.  Please login into the Marauders website to volunteer for the parade and our home meets.  Volunteer opportunities will be posted in the upcoming weeks. Volunteering is a fantastic way to keep our swim community great!  Let us know how you can help!  


Sarah Callanan will be organizing the summer concession stands for our home swim meets (6/28, 7/5 and 7/19).  She has requested donations of pizza from local businesses.  In an effort to ensure that everyone contributes, and that we do not end up with too many of one item we will be using a sign up much like we have used for timing/job assignments.  If you would like to give one time for all three meets or prefer a monetary contribution ($15.00 per meet); Sarah is willing to store and manage all donations.  If you do not respond or sign up, your account will be charged $20.00 for each meet you have committed to. Thank you in advance for your timely contributions.         






Marauders BOD