AM Hillcrest Practice Changes!

Due to pool maintenance issues, we have to make Changes to ALL Morning Practices at Hillcrest for the foreseeable future...effective immediately (June 28)!   There are No Changes to the PM schedule at BHS.

The practice calendars & pdf document (in calendar section) have been updated.

Here's the changes for each group.   This also includes Masters.

Bronze (Tue/Thu/Fri, 8-8:45am);    Silver (Tue/Thu/Fri, 8-9am);    Gold (Tue/Thu/Fri, Swim 7:45-9am with dryland on Tue-Thu from 9:05-9:35a and Fri from 9:05-9:45a);    Platinum (Mon/Wed, 6:30-8am swim only, and Friday Swim 7:30-9am with dryland 9:05-9:45a).     Seniors (Mon, 6-8am;  Tue/Thu/Fri, 7-9am with Friday Dryland from 9:05-9:50a).     Masters (Mon/Thu, 6-7am AT Hillcrest).

Also, we will no longer offer Makeup Practices on Wednesday AM's for Bronze-Silver-Gold groups.

Thank you for understanding!  The Brookings Park & Recreation Department appreciate our flexibility in working with them as they work on the pool clarity issues.