Announcement of Pool Closure

Announcement of Pool Closure:

Many of you will remember the emergency pool closure that we experienced in December.  While temporary fixes were done to make the pool safer it was clear that more substantial work was needed in the aquatic facility.

To that end we will have a complete pool closure this August-September. 


According to Connor Eden, Aquatic Director:

Both pools will close on July 30th. The planned reopening date for the competition pool is September 26th. The recreation pool and hot tubs should re-open on September 19th. These times allow for the draining and reheating of both pools.

While we wish that this closure did not have to be so extensive it is extremely exciting and beneficial work and unfortunately there is no "good" time of year to close a pool in a 365 operation. We weighed the options of breaking this work up in smaller increments with multiple closures but ultimately decided that it is best to complete it all in one go around.

When the pools re-open the noticeable improvements will include:

1) A complete renovation of the competition pool

2) A new state of the art pool deck throughout the entire pool area

3) Upgrades to the filter and mechanical system

4) Fresh paint throughout the entire natatorium

5) Upgrades to our HVAC system that should be able to keep us at a more comfortable temperature year round.


What the swim team is doing:

Securing alternative pool space.  We are incredibly fortunate to have 1 consistent and high quality location from which we train.  This fortune has been made even more evident as we search for pools that aren’t in use by HS Girls Swim teams, other year round teams or are only seasonal.  We are in the process of securing time at multiple pools around town.  The current plan is to have the Senior groups starting on or around Monday August 29th and the rest of the team starting on a rolling basis after Labor Day. 

We know multiple locations isn’t ideal but we ask that everyone band together to make this work for the short amount of time we find ourselves without a pool.   One way to help in the near term is to turn in your “Intent to Return” form so that we have a good sense of the number of returning swimmers we need to cycle through these pools.

Working with the club.  Coach Nate has extensive experience with pool management and infrastructure and is working closely with Connor Eden to stay well informed of dates and decisions that will impact the swim team.

If you have concerns about the pool closure as both a BC member and a swim team member, please direct all correspondence to both:

Connor Eden, Aquatic Director:

Mark Olsen, General Manager:

It would be great for them to hear directly how important this facility is to the swim team.

We will continue update the team with specifics and more information as it becomes available. 


Announcement of Pool Closure