Killington vs. Bennington vs. Manchester Results

Shay Callanan: 2nd-100 IM, 2nd-25 fly, 3rd-50 free

Grace Burhans: 2nd-100 IM, 1st-100 back, 1st-50 back, 3rd-100 free

Anthony Mazzola: 1st-100 IM, 1st-50 fly, 1st-100 back, 1st-100 free

Lexie Pedersen: 1st-25 free, 2nd-25 fly, 1st-50 free

Isabel Mazzola: 2nd-50 free, 3rd-50 back, 3rd-100 free

Ethan LaForest: 2nd-50 free, 2nd-50 back

Zach LaForest: 2nd-50 free, 2nd-50 fly, 2nd-100 back, 2nd-100 free

Morgan Flynn: 3rd-100 breast, 3rd-50 fly, 3rd-50 breast

Phebe Hall: 1st-50 fly, 1st-100 back, 1st-50 back, 1st-100 free

Also competing and posting best times for the Marauders was Jessica Letourneau. The Marauders will compete again on July 19th in Bennington against Manchester. 

Great job everyone!