talks of team merge

Just so you know - we are not merging teams with SSS.  I will be happy to clear up any questions you might have. 

The gist of it is . . . we talked about it (SSS coach Steve and I), thought it was worth further investigation. Steve, then,  pretty much left SSS, and their board decided they didn’t want to go any further toward a merge.

Since Steve left, and their second in command Raoul has turned in his resignation, we have picked up 5 former SSS swimmers. But we’re not merging, and are not in talks to head that direction. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.

Most of you were completely unaware of anything because it was all just initial talks of "what if". . . but since a few people knew that it was at least an open topic, I wanted to let you know what was up.