Safe Sport Scenario
Read this scenario to your athletes:
You’re at practice and hear one of your teammates yelling and swearing aggressively at another one of your teammates.  You’ve heard this person individually target your teammate before.   
Discussion Questions:
What do you do?
Kids might say that they would go interrupt it or go tell a coach.
>Safe Sport says: It’s okay to disagree with your teammates, but it is NOT okay to ever yell and swear out of anger at someone else.  If you feel comfortable, go interrupt the situation.  If you don’t feel comfortable stepping into the situation, immediately tell a coach or other trusted adult.
What if it’s a coach angrily yelling and swearing at an athlete?
>Safe Sport says: It is important to stop the situation.  The coach should be able to do his/her job without yelling or swearing at kids.  If you do not feel comfortable stepping in, immediately enlist the help of another adult.
What if it’s a parent yelling and swearing at their kid in the parking lot after practice?
Kids might say to ignore it or tell their coach
>Safe Sport says: Go back inside and tell your coach what you saw and heard. 
Bonus Question:
What do you do if you are mad at your teammates or coaches?
>Safe Sport says: It’s okay to disagree—that’s just part of life!  Take a few minutes (or days) to cool down and think about why you’re mad at that person and how you feel.  Then talk to them.  Use statements like, “I feel _____ when…” and really listen to what they have to say.  Each of you has a role in making your team the best, most positive place to be!
Wrap It Up:
In what ways are yelling and swearing outside of our team’s culture?
Use this time to talk about your team’s values and how you want to treat each other.  Let them know that you want this team to be a safe and supportive place for them, and everyone contributes to it.  Yelling and swearing aren’t necessarily indicators of negative team culture, but if it is directed at one particular person or is attacking a certain group of people, that is inappropriate and should be addressed.
*For Coaches: review your team’s anti-bullying policy and use the Safe Sport “Peer-to-Peer Resource Guide” available at www.usaswimming.org/toolkit.  If this behavior is directed to a child by an adult, contact Safe Sport at (719) 866-4578 or safesport@usaswimming.org.