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Volume 17
August 2016

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8.6.16-8.13.16 :: Rio Olympic Games (Swimming Events) 

9.19.16-9.24.16 :: United States Aquatics Convention

10.26.16 :: 12 p.m. ET Safe Sport Webinar

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1.        USA Swimming Safe Sport

2.       USA Swimming Education

3.        USOC Safe Sport

4.        Stop It Now! Child Sexual Abuse Prevent

5.       National Children's Advocacy Center

6.        Stop bullying

7.        National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

8.        Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

9.        Child Welfare League of America

10.     Safe 4 Athletes

11.     radKIDS

12.     National Children's Advocacy Center Lookup

13.     Safe Horizon

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Susan Woessner,
Director of Safe Sport

Elizabeth Hoendervoogt,
Safe Sport Coordinator

Maggie Vail
Safe Sport Education Specialist




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USA Swimming Safe Sport Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a foundation that allows for direct on-going communication with each of you. Information contained within will cover the most current Safe Sport related information. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please e-mail us at athleteprotection@usaswimming. org.


Safe Sport Events


Safe Sport Real Talk  was a huge hit in the Aqua Zone at Olympic Trials. We spent ten days getting the chance to interface with fans. We featured a sports desk interview booth and filmed a variety of topics including fans favorite swimming memory and what kind of qualities a great coach should have. On average we completed 100 interviews a day talking with kids, parents, coaches, athletes, staff and more. It was amazing to hear how much people love our sport. Going forward we will use these interviews to compile educational and promotional materials to use in the future.


Being in the Aqua Zone not only gave us the opportunity to engage in conversations about Safe Sport but also to pass out educational materials. While there we handed out over 500 parent cards and close to 3,000 bag tags. We also saw people wearing all the Safe Sport swag that they received at our booth. We look forward to being able to do this again in 2020!




The United States Aquatic Sports Convention  is being held in Atlanta, GA this year and will run from September 20- 24. Safe Sport will continue to offer a number of educational opportunities during this time. Here are the Safe Sport sessions offered this year:


9/20 3-4pm: Safe Sport 101 (only for new LSC Safe Sport Chairs)

9/20 4-7pm: LSC Safe Sport Chairs Workshop (dinner provided)

9/21 9-11:50am: Safe Sport Committee Business Meeting

9/21 2-3:50: Safe Sport Workshop (Scenario Based)

9/22 1-2:50: Safe Sport Workshop (Consent Training and Empowering Bystanders)


Please join us for as many sessions as possible!


Webinar!  Our July webinar featured Safe Sport committee member, Melissa Gann (OK), who shared from her experience with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.  Melissa discussed how to identify risky situations and tips for discussing safety with athletes.  Find her slides and a recording of the webinar at the links below.  Thanks Melissa!


Slides: http://www.usaswimming.org/_ Rainbow/Documents/ae9d0738- cf05-4867-9504-cdd5e2123b0f/ Keeping%20Children%20Safe.pdf

Recording: https://usaswimming. adobeconnect.com/_a792273714/ p2lab072ni4/?launcher=false& fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal


All past webinar recordings can be found atwww.usaswimming.org/ onlineclinic.


Mark your calendars for the next webinar on October 26th at 12:00 EST. If you are interested in hosting a webinar, please contact Maggie Vail at mvail@usaswimming.org

Safe Sport Awareness


Safe Sport would like to congratulate Ceallach Gibbons for her successful completion of swimming the English Channel. Ceallach, a long time USA Swimming athlete member and athlete representative, completed the swim in 15 hours and 56 minutes, the last five hours swum with one arm due to a shoulder injury. Ceallach dedicated her swim to raising awareness about sexual assault throughout the country. Congratulations, Ceallach! What an amazing accomplishment and for such an important cause! To see more you can visit her website at http://www.swimforsurvivors. com/.


Our Safe Sport Athlete Fellows continue to do great work! They are making progress on their projects and will be receiving home town visits from staff at the national office to assist them in their next steps. These four teenagers are fantastic examples of how a little extra effort can go a long way in spreading the word about Safe Sport and helping provide a positive fun swimming environment.


Breandan Gibbons  (MN Swimming)- Breandan is working on a Safe Sport video conducting interviews to put it all together. Breandan recently made the trip to Olympic Trials and the Aqua Zone and had to opportunity to gather footage for his video.


Colin Brady  (IL Swimming)- Colin continues to work on the initiation of a Safe Sport relay meet in his LSC. He is working closely with his head coach and is hoping for the meet to take place later this fall.


Consi Faling  (New England Swimming)- Consi recently tabled at a meet in her LSC. She provided an opportunity for attendees at the meet to create art about why the love swimming and their team and facilitated her first Safe Sport training. Consi’s Safe Sport committee also met.


Maggie Baker  (Allegheny Mountain Swimming)- Maggie has initiated the selection of a Safe Sport Athlete of the month on her team. She is hoping to also do this at a meet this fall along with initiating a Safe Sport poster contest.

 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CmO3zOyWYAEi9cE.jpg:large   https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CoDO29YW8AEkBlG.jpg

LSC Safe Sport Chair Highlight


Thank you to every LSC Safe Sport Chair continuing to find ways to engage your swimming communities, creating a positive environment for all.


A big shout out to Catie Coursen, Alaska Swimming Safe Sport Chair, who has been working on improving locker room policies and culture in her LSC. This is a great way to set long standing expectations that everyone can benefit from. Kudos Catie!


Earlier this year, we highlighted the amazing work that Pat Kaplan from Maryland Swimming was doing. She organized and generated a contest to encourage as many parents as possible to take the parent athlete protection training. Pat was highlighted in an article written and posted on the USA Swimming website. Please take the time to read the articlehereGreat work, Pat!

If you have any Safe Sport projects you are working on please let us know. We would like to give you recognition!

Please continue to follow us on Twitter @SwimSafeSport and on Facebook at USA Swimming Safe Sport

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