Start of 2016-17 News Updates

Hope everyone is enjoying their break and looking forward to the start of school next week!   Here's some updates for the upcoming season:

Swimmer Graduations (Group Moves):  We sent emails to those we would like to "graduate" to another group two weeks ago.  If you have questions, please contact Barry or Wendy.

Practice Schedule:  PDF of the upcoming season (Sept-May) is now posted in Calendar Section (above the actual calendars).  The schedule was more difficult to figure out this year since we're adding 15-minutes to the Gold & Platinum practice times and made some changes to the Junior Group structure.    We're still working on:  1) Dryland Schedule for Gold, Platinum & Junior (times added before or after schedule water time) and will update the schedule once finalized;  2) AM's for Seniors on Mon/Fri as well as a PM Dryland.  These will be posted next week.

Meet Schedule:  PDF posted for what we know right now.  We anticipate adding 1-2 meets shortly.

New Swimmer Tryouts:  Pass the Word!  New Swimmer Tryouts will be held on September 6 & 7 (Tue-Wed), from 5-7pm at High School.  Swimmers can come either day and anytime within the 5-7pm timeframe.  Should take about 10-minutes, depending on number of swimmers being evaluated at that time.

Stroke Clinic:  A Stroke Clinic will be held during the first two weeks of the season for both returning swimmers and possible new swimmers.   September 7-9 (Wed-Fri) and Sept. 12-16 (M-F):  12&Over's= 4:45-6pm and 11&Under's= 6-7pm.   You can come during any of these sessions, regardless of swim group.

Swim America:  We'll be posting the class schedules for September through May next week.  We are planning on a September 20 start.  We are also working on a separate sign-up site for Swim America so registrations & payment can be done online.

Thank you 'Back In Motion'... I neglected to acknowledge & thank Dr's Rodney & Shelly Brandenburger of Back In Motion for donating the stretch cords used in Gold & Platinum Dryland Program this summer.  Thank you!!!