Weekly News (Aug 29-Sept 3)

Hello all Panthers,

Registration is now closed and we have just over 230 swimmers, with a couple swim families still arriving late to ISB this year, our team this season is one of the largest to date. Our team is very young with over half the team under the age of 10 years old. So it would be safe to say that our future is bright.

Our Coaching team will meet today and tomorrow to solidify our squads and then we are set. This week, you will receive an email from your squad coach and from here on they should be your initial contact about swimmer information (like missing practice or training questions). Please copy me on any emails.


Important Notes:

Kick off gala (September 2nd) Sign Up Today:

Sign up for the swimming portion on our website…at the bottom of the home page you will see the event.

For the dinner part of the event please click on the following link

On Friday we will hand out all t-shirts and caps to team members, I would like to see all team members (including Jr. Panther Cubs) at this event.


2:30-2:45 Warm Up

2:45-2:50 Welcome and Marshall first event

3:00 First event

5:00 Dinner

5:30 Kids dodge ball in gym/parents info meeting in classroom upstairs


TYR Swim Suits ordered:

We will have our new order before Swimfest Meet. This year the team has purchased a surplus of suits so that we do not have to size and order every swimmer. Swimmers will come have demo suits to try-on to ensure the proper size is purchased.  This will take place when suits arrive…Thanks TYR!


Patana Tiger Prawns meet (September 24th): open for sign up

This is a “fun” meet for 8 and under swimmers. It is a great non-competitive way to start the year. Last year we took 95% of our 8 and under team to Patana…let’s shoot for 100% this year. Please look for the event on our website, the meet pamphlet is attached to the meet file for detailed information.



Select Senior Swimmers going to Thai National Short Course Championships (October 2):

10 boys and 5 girls have qualified for Thai Nationals this fall. On October 2nd, we will see how our top senior swimmers stack up against the best in Thailand. Go Panthers!


Meets or Events to sign up for on the website:

When our swim meets or events are scheduled on the website, you need to decline or commit to these events as soon as you know your schedule. To do this you click on the pink “edit commitment” button at the bottom of the main page, then click “commit” or  “decline”. This tells us what swimmers will attend the event.


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Currently ready for Commitment:


  1. Panther Kick off and Gala Dinner (Parents Welcome and Info Meeting) Sept. 2nd right after school.
  2. Patana Tiger Prawns (September 24)



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,