2016-2017 Important Team and Coach Information

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Welcome to the 2016-2017 YMCA Swimming year!  I am Jodi Clute, your regional representative for YMCA swimming & diving. I provide information to YMCA teams and coaches in our region, consult with YMCAs and teams, work with our USA Swimming representatives, verify coaches’ certifications and create YMCA coaches cards, review sanction requests and answer questions on YMCA swimming rules, guidelines and best practices. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way.


We applaud your commitment to youth development using aquatic sports as a conduit to strengthen the futures of children and teens in a positive, nurturing environment.


As we start the new competitive year, please review the following information, some of which is NEW for this year.



Regional Representative: Jodi Clute (

·          Please contact me with any questions you have. I am here to assist you, your team and your YMCA in offering the best program possible.


Officials Coordinator: Fang Liu (

·          Communicates with local officials and the national YMCA Officials Committee and helps coordinate officials trainings and development.


Updated YMCA Swimming Rules and Guidelines – Updated, Posted and Sent to Coaches by 9/15

·          Swimming Addendum to the Rules that Govern

·          YMCA Meet Sanction Rules

·          Program Guidelines for YMCA Swimming

·          Y Meet FAQs



Regional Website: (it’s probably easier to type into Google: YMCA east central swimming—this site pops right up J)

Contains information specific to our region. It is also linked to our national site. Please share your meet information, contacts and league information with me so that I can post it on our website.

National Website:

·          Contains information for coaches, swimmers, officials and teams. It also has all of the rules and guidelines for operating your YMCA program.



Opens: Sept. 1, 2016

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2016 or prior to the entry deadline for any sanctioned YMCA meet, whichever is earlier.

·          Please complete your registrations as early as possible and update any expired certifications immediately upon renewal.

·          Access Registration: regional website, national website, or if your team is a TeamUnify customer, go to YMCA Admin tab on left side of screen once you are logged in. For help with the process, go to


Team Registration (for all YMCA teams):

·          The team registration fee is $50 per team per year.

·          NEW : Team registration fees are paid online with a credit card at time of registration. This is the only payment option. Checks will no longer be accepted. This is a secure payment system linked through the TeamUnify platform directly to the YMCA of the USA. An email will be sent that will include the payment information and a link to click on to print out the receipt. Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover.

·          Please complete all team information as accurately as possible. This provides important data on the size, scope and structure of YMCA Swimming across the country.


Coach Registration (for all YMCA coaches, not only head coaches):

·          All coach certifications must be uploaded to the registration site. Do not mail paper copies. Enter the correct expiration dates.  Each coach needs the following certifications: Either lifeguard training AND the online portion of safety training for swim coaches OR safety training for swim coaches complete class (includes in water portion); CPR/AED; First Aid; and YMCA Principle of Competitive Swimming (found on Y-exchange).  STFSC is a Red Cross program—see their website for more information.

·          NEW: The YMCA of the USA requires aquatic staff, including swim coaches, to renew CPR annually, regardless of the expiration date on the certification card. You will enter the completion date of your CPR course, not the expiration date on your card.

·          NEW: First Aid is no longer included as a separate certification in the Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches course. Therefore, coaches with a Safety Training certification need to also take and upload First Aid certification.

·          NEW: There is a spot to upload the completed Principles workbook on the coach’s registration page. Do not send it to the regional representative.

·          NEW: YMCA coaches’ cards will not be printed, but rather an up to date listing of current coaches will be provided to host teams of sanctioned meets.  If you absolutely must have a card, please contact me directly after December 1st and at least 3 weeks before you will need your card.

·          Check the coaches listed for your team and remove any who are no longer with your program. When you enter the registration system, select YMCA Admin, then select the coach, select Edit and remove as YMCA coach. Use this link for further instructions:


v   Instructions for registration and acceptable certifications are posted on the regional websites.

v   The registration site also has detailed help content to guide you through the process, should you have questions. You may also contact me if you cannot find the answers there.



·          A YMCA meet sanction may be issued for invitationals or championship level meets. Please read the requirements for each (posted on the national website). Participation in a sanctioned Y championship meet is required for swimmers to be eligible to compete at the YMCA National Championship meets.

·          NEW: Payment of the $50 sanction fee is made online using a credit card at the time a sanction request is submitted. The sanction number is not issued until the sanction is approved. If a sanction request is denied, the payment will be refunded.

·          Access sanction requests through the YMCA Admin section on your team website (for TeamUnify customers) or on your registration portal (access registration as if you were registering your team then select the YMCA Admin section).

·          NEW: Meets seeking a YMCA sanction must use the new YMCA sanctioned meet template, available on the national website. The completed meet information is uploaded with the sanction request.

·          Sanction requests are due 60 days prior to the first day of the meet.


October 22-30, 2016*

·          The meet packet is posted on the national website. You may conduct the meet as a closed intrasquad, dual or invitational as long as you have the required YMCA officials. Participation in this meet counts as one closed YMCA meet.

·          This is the only virtual or intrasquad meet that may be counted as a closed YMCA meet toward championship qualification.

·          All YMCA teams are encouraged to take part in this unique competitive opportunity.

*Alternate dates are Nov. 19-Dec. 4 for those states where high school swimming restricts participation in YMCA swimming in the fall.




Concussion Training

Some states now mandate by law that all youth sports coaches take concussion awareness training. Ohio is one such state. Please be aware of the laws in your own state as well as those in which you will have meets this season.


Great Lakes Zone Meet

2017—March 17-19 at Bowling Green State U.  hosted by the YMCA of Toledo.  More info will be available soon.  A hard copy of the qualifying times is attached.


I need your help!

I’m aware that there are teams that are affiliated with Y’s in our area that host USA programs and/ or recreation programs, but are not participating in YMCA swimming in our leagues.  If you know of any Y’s in this situation, please let me know.  One of the things I’ll be doing is reaching out to those Y’s to promote YMCA swimming and find out if there is anything we can do to help them be more involved on the Y front.  Thank you!



How are you and your YMCA making an impact on the youth in your program? How do you create a sense of belonging, build relationships, celebrate achievement, promote social responsibility?

·          This year we are collecting stories and ideas from coaches to share with others in our YMCA community. This will both help us explain the true value of YMCA Swimming and exchange ideas that others can use in their programs.

·          Send your stories and ideas to me at any time and look for regular e-mails with stories, ideas and tips from others.



The best way to reach me is via email at

The rest of my contact info is:

Jodi Clute, Geauga Family YMCA

12460 Bass Lake Rd, Chardon, OH  44024

Ph: 440-285-7543  Fax: 440-285-5047