Weekly News (Sept 5th-11th)

Hello all Panthers,

Last Friday’s Kickoff Gala was an amazing start to the year; we had 209 swimmers, over 300 for dinner and a large, enthusiastic crowd for the parents information session. If this is any sign of things to come, we should all be very excited for the year.

After reading the PB report (personal best or improvement report), the coaches are also excited about the progress made already. Many, many swimmers made huge improvements in their performances.

I would like to personally thank all the committee members for organizing the swim vendors, the delicious food and all of the t-shirt/cap distribution from our Panther Shack. Parent volunteers, as always, thanks for your energy and smiles while you help us carry out these big events. You all performed as well as your swimmers. It seems that together we all make a great team!

Let’s carry this forward as we get ready for our first big meet in November, Swimfest 2016 here we come. We will most certainly have 1000 swimmers from over 20 teams…so let’s be ready for them.


Important Notes:


Coach Day Learning from Olympians this week:

I am writing this weekly news from Narita Airport in Tokyo as I am waiting for my connecting flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

For the next 6 days I will be attending the American Swim Coaches Association’s (ASCA) World Coaching Clinic. This World Clinic is extra special every four years, as many National coaches fresh from the Olympic Games, make their way to Florida to attend and present various swimming clinics for ASCA members.

During this intensive week, I will complete my level 4 (of possible 5) ASCA accreditation from legendary USA coach John Leonard, attend sessions with Bob Bowman (Michael Phelps Coach), and much, much more.

I am very excited to gather up all the latest information and coaching/swimming techniques and bring them back to our coaching squad and our swimmers.

If you need me, please don’t hesitate to email. But Coach Nuk will be on deck and Bob Connor is always within reach if something more serious arises.


September 15/16 training (no school):

September 15:

8:00am: Jr. Panthers at the 25m pool and 10 & unders at the 50 m pool.

9:00am: 11 and over at the 50m pool

September 16: No swimming

September 17: regular schedule swimming


Patana Tiger Prawns meet (September 24th): Sign Up Now!

We have 20 swimmers signed up, we have many many more 8 and under swimmers….so let’s go!

This is a “fun” meet for 8 and under swimmers. It is a great non-competitive way to start the year. Last year we took 95% of our 8 and under team to Patana…let’s shoot for 100% this year. Please look for the event on our website, the meet pamphlet is attached to the meet file for detailed information.


Select Senior Swimmers going to Thai National Short Course Championships (October 2):

10 boys and 5 girls have qualified for Thai Nationals this fall. On October 2nd, we will see how our top senior swimmers stack up against the best in Thailand. Go Panthers!


Currently ready for Commitment:


  1. Patana Tiger Prawns (September 24)
  2. Many more to come, just waiting for schools to send their event entries.


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,