Senior Dryland Schedule

-AG12 dryland will be postponed until the week of September 12th in order to make sure we have all completely arranged for effective and efficient use of our time.  We will have complete info on dryland by Thursday.  Any swimmers doing a combination of AG12 and senior group please come see as to how to proceed.

-Senior group will have two options: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:15-6:55 at CAC with trainers from Uncommon Athlete or at Uncommon Athlete Tuesday, Thursday 6:30-7:30 and Saturday from 10-11.  We will make arrangements to accommodate if we have excessive interest in one session or the other.  Swimmers who arrive late on certain days due to school please discuss with me what course of action we will take.

We hope to extend our partnership with Uncommon Athlete to other groups as we move forward.