Weekly Notes for September 12-17

Stroke Clinc Days/Times:  Sept. 12-16 (Monday thru Friday);  12&Overs= 4:45-6pm and 11&Unders= 6-7pm.

Tuesday Stroke Clinic:  Girl's Locker Room Closed due to VB.  Boy's Locker Room will be "Walk Through Only"!  This occurs throughout the year when visiting school teams are competing at Brookings HS.  During Girl's events (the Girl's locker room is closed for visiting teams), as well as the Boy's during Boy's events.  The "open locker room" is listed as "Walk Through" which means swimmers can NOT Change in the locker rooms since both girl's & boy's will be using that locker room to get to the pool.  If swimmers need to change...they can use the bathrooms, located just after entering the building (on the right) or if you keep walking past the locker rooms towards the end of hallway, there are bathrooms on the left side.

Regular Practices Begin September 19.

Masters Practices& Updates:  Begins Wednesday, Sept. 14 (5:45-6:55am).  Held Monday, Wednesday, & Friday's from 5:45-6:55AM at HS Pool.  Cost is $50 for 12 practices.  You choose how often you attend.  A practice will be posted on the board which you can follow or do something on your own.    * ALL Masters Swimmers need to join US Masters this year.  Information can be found by clicking the Groups tab and click the Masters Registration-F&Q's.  This provides Masters with many services (in document), as well as provide some liability for the club.  You will need to register online ($44 Annual Fee) and show your card to Barry when start practicing. This policy begins October 1.

New Parent Meeting Dates:  September 14 & 15 (Wed & Thu), 6-6:45pm.  Spectator Area.  New Parents to the club MUST ATTEND one of these dates!  We'll go over quite a bit of information concering practices, meets, practice schedules, finances, etc.  This will be led by Barry and a Board Member(s).  If unable to attend either...see Barry to set up another time.

Group Parent Meetings:  A parent will be expected to attend a Parent Meeting for each group they have a child participating on.  Wendy will run the Bronze, Silver, & Gold meetings; Barry will run the Platinum, Junior, & Senior meetings.  We'll go over practice times & expectations, equipment needs, meet selections, and basic philosophy of that group.  Dates for these groups:  Bronze (Sept 19-Mon);  Silver (Sept. 21-Wed);  Gold (Sept. 20-Tue);  Platinum (Sept. 22-Thu);  Junior (Sept. 27-Tue);  Senior (Sept. 29-Thu).  Times will be posted in the Calendar Section for each Group by middle next week.

Swim America:  Is now taking Registrations for Session 1 (Sept. 27-Oct. 13).  Click either the Swim America tab or Swim Lesson tab on our homepage and follow prompts.  Registrations & Payment are all done on-line.

Anyone else interested in joining???  If you know or meet someone who might be interested, swimmers can join at any time!  They need to email Barry to set up an Evaluation time during a practice.  New Swimmers are given a 2-week Trial Period before choosing to register/joining.