New Officials Clinics - Stroke & Turn/Administrative Official

Good Morning Everyone

I am forwarding the clinic links to everyone, they are also found on the Gulf website, hoping to maximize potential at these events.

Please encourage your parents to participate in these, open to all volunteers.

Stroke &Turn clinics for new parents are being held at various locations and times around the city starting this weekend.

The Administrative Officials clinic is only behind held in one location on one date.

Online sign up is required to establish the requirement for space and supplies.

Thank you in advance for encouraging participation from your parents.  The goal is that every smaller team can get at least one new parent to step up, medium teams 2-3 parents and larger teams the more the merrier!

Questions or concerns please let me know.  If there is anything you think might help your team that we can set up for you please don't hesitate to ask.


Have a great day!

Andrea Walin

Gulf Swimming Officials Chair

Stroke & Turn Clinic Sign Up Link

Administrative Official Sign Up Link