Weekly Notes for September 19-24

Practices for Sept. 19-24:  ** REGULAR SCHEDULES NOW BEGIN!  Here's the regular schdule for this week. NO changes to practices this week.   Bronze (M/F, 5:45-6:30;  Wed, 5:15-6;  Sat, 10:30-11:30am).   Silver (M/W, 5:15-6:15;  Wed, 5-6;  Tue, 4:30-5:30;  Sat, 10:30-11:30a).   Gold (M/F, 6:30-7:45;  Wed, 4:15-5:15;  T/TH, 4:15-5:30;  Sat, 9-10:30a).  Platinum (M/F, 6:15-7:45;  Wed, 3-4:15;  T/TH, 4-5:30;  Sat, 9-10:30a).   Junior (M/F, 3:45-5:15;  Wed, 3-4:30;  T/TH, 6:50-8:20;  Sat, 7-9a).   Senior (M/F, 3:45-5:45;  T/TH, 6:50-8:45;  Wed, 5:45-7:30AM;  Sat, 7-9a).  **** NO DRYLAND THIS WEEK FOR ALL GROUPS!     Masters (M/W/F, 5:45-6:55am).

Locker Room Closings:  Monday= Boy's Locker Room Closed...Girl's will be 'walk through'.   Saturday= Girl's Locker Room Closed...Boy's will be 'walk through'.   Swimmers' may change in the bathrooms (main hallway after entering building or down hallway/past locker rooms).

Returning Swimmer Registrations DUE:  Returning swimmers must register this weekend!  On Monday, we open the New Swimmer Registration Portal.  We can NOT have both portals open for returning & new swimmers at same time.   Also, Returning Swimmers MUST return the Medical Authorization Form to Barry or Wendy before you participate in practices this week!!! Here's the Form if needed...Medical Authorization.doc

New Swimmer Registrations:  Starting Monday (9/19) you can go to our website and click Register to the left.  Follow those prompts.  When you attend your 1st practice after must bring in both the Medical Authorization doc and 2017 USA Swimming Athlete Registration Form.

Parent Group Meetings:  Each family is expected to be represented at their child(s) Group Meeting for Parents.  Will discuss group goals, practice & meet schedule & expectations, equipment needs, etc.  Will be held in spectator seeting at pool. Bronze... Monday, Sept. 19 (6-6:30);   Silver.... Wednesday, Sept. 21 (5:30-6);   Gold.... Tuesday, Sept. 20 (5-5:30);   Platinum... Thursday, Sept. 22 (5-5:30);   Junior... Tuesday, Sept. 27 (7-7:30);   Senior... Thursday, Sept. 29 (7-7:30).

Medical Authorization.doc

2017 USA Swimming Registration Yearly.docx (only NEW Swimmers...not returning).