Weekly News (Sept 19th-25th)

Hello all Panthers,

Food for thought this week: We have had a couple late arrivals to our team, so we now have 240 swimmers on our roster. This is the largest ISB team ever! So that is the good news…the bad news: our attendance to practices has started at an alarmingly low rate.

There is one certainty in swimming; if you do not come to practice, you do not improve…if you do not improve, it is not much fun. If it is not much fun...swimmers don’t want to continue swimming.

So lets see if we can stop this cycle before it gets going to far. Now that we are into our second phase of training, coaches are going to be sending emails home to check in on swimmers not meeting their committed practice days. Please give us the opportunity to make our program work with your swimmers. Get to practice and we will take care of the rest.


Important Notes:


Coach Day returns from World Coaching Clinic…In a word “wow”!


It is every coach and athletes dream to learn from the best in the world, sadly not many get to see that dream come true. Last week Coach Day was one of the lucky ones. The ISB swim program received feedback and some advice from Coaches like Bob Bowman (Michael Phelps’s coach), David Marsh (Ryan Lochte’s coach) and Bruce Gemmell (Katie Ledicky’s Coach). One of the best talks came from Coach Greg Troy who coached our very own Coach Nuk back at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Coach Troy spoke very highly of our Nuk and said he was one of the hardest working swimmers he has ever had the pleasure of coaching.

The coaching team has already had one long extensive meeting to go over our program and the feedback I received, but the good news is that we are doing many things right and we are on a good track. That being said; we are always striving to improve our swim program and thanks to this very intensive clinic, we now have many ideas to use to do just that.


Swim-a-thon (October 20th):

Part of being on the ISB Panther Swim Team means giving back to the community we live in. For us as a team, part of that giving back comes in the form of our Annual Swim-a-thon for our team charity “2nd Chance Bangkok”.

After school on October 20th, we will swim as many laps as we possibly can to raise funds for this charity. Swimmers will have to knock on neighborhood doors and maybe even friends and family outside of our community to raise pledges for this event.

As always, there will be yummy snacks after the big swim and age group prizes for most funds raised and most laps swum.

If this is not your swim day, please plan on swimming anyways. You will also need to provide your own lap counter. So parents or siblings, put this on your calendar so you can cheer them on and count their laps.

Sign up on our webpage so we know how much snacks to prepare. Don’t wait last minute to start getting pledges, no time like the present!

See attached pledge sheet and 2nd Chance Bangkok information attached to this email.


Patana Tiger Prawns meet this weekend!

We have almost 40 8 & under swimmers making the trip to Patana. Great way to start the year! Good luck Panthers!


Panther Palooza: Oct 4th (Jr 10 and under) Oct 5th  (Sr 11 and over):

By this date we will have almost two full months of training under our belt, so it will be time to see what kind of improvements we have made. This can also be a quick warm up for the NIST meet on the following weekend.

There is only one way to get better on race day…and that is to practice racing.


NIST Falcons Swim Extreme Sprint Meet (Saturday Oct 15):

After two years of not hosting a meet, the NIST team is back in the rotation. Let’s do our best to show our support and take a big team over to this meet. It is a sprint meet so it will be fast and furious. Sign up know on the website.



Currently ready for Commitment (please mark “decline” or “commit”)


  1. ISB Panther Palooza Jr. (October 4th)
  2. ISB Panther Palooza Sr. (October 5th)
  3. NIST Falcons Swim Extreme Meet (October 15th)
  4. ISB SwimFest 2016 (November 12th & 13th)



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,