New Parent Info!!

Attention NEW PARENTS!!!

As we enter into our season, we are beginning to ask families to sign their swimmers up for upcoming swim meets.  As a new swim parent, that can be one more overwhelming or confusing step in this unfamiliar sport.  Understanding this, we have posted a couple of new resources on our website in hopes of making this sport a little less confusing and much more fun for all.  Check out the 'Swim Meet FAQ' and 'Swimming Terms' found under the "Educational Links" tab at the top of the team homepage.

As an additional sidenote, please note that you do NOT need to attend the entire swim meet.  Although, we encourage our swimmers to come and swim as much as possible, don't let a prior commitment keep you from coming altogether.  Our posted meets should have a document attached, called the Meet Info. (look on the meet website under the individual meet).  This document will give you all the details of the meet, specifically the sessions offered listing swimmers ages and events.  Take a look at what is offered and determine what sessions your child can attend.  When you complete your commitment to the swim meet, select what sessions you decide upon and the coaches will then sign your child up for the appropriate events.  (Check back after the deadline and you will see the events they picked listed.)

Hope this helps!  Lastly, don't hesitate to ask questions!  Our coaches and our fellow swim parents are happy to help you navigate this crazy, new sport!

Happy Swimming!  and Welcome to the Hurricanes!