Athlete Reps Calls for Two From Each Team to Serve

Hello athletes,
At this point you may not know what exactly it means to be in an athlete’s committee. We wanted to send
this brief email out, to inform you of what your responsibilities, duties, etc. will be and what you will be expected
to do as a member of the committee and an athlete representative.
What is an Athlete Representative?
● An athlete representative is an athlete member of USA Swimming who wants to improve the sport of
swimming, and who serves in a formal governance position at an LSC, Zone, or National Level. These
swimmers possess a great love for the sport, ability to compromise, and strong written and verbal
communication skills.
Goals of Athlete Representation:
● increased athlete participation within the sport
● Opinions of athletes are heard and valued
● Decisions are made with the athlete's point of view in mind
● The ultimate stakeholders in the sport the
athletes have
a vote in all matters
● Future leaders inside and outside of the swimming community are developed
Responsibilities of Athlete Representatives:
● participate in meetings and conference calls as much as possible
● put aside personal biases and represent the interest of all athletes from your home club
● be proactive in seeking feedback from athlete and nonathlete
leadership on their ideas
● have the ability to work both independently and collaboratively
● are respectful of others, even when disagreements arise
● Mentor and recruit younger swimmers who would be interested in having a seat on a future Athlete
Expectations of Athlete Representatives:
● inform other athletes on their club team of the decisions made by the Athlete Committee and the LSC
Boards of Directors (communication is key!)
● be interested in making a difference in the LSC
● attend the LSC House of Delegates meetings
We are searching for two athletes from every team to get involved. If you would like to be a part of Arkansas
Swimming’s Athlete Committee please send an email to either of the following swimmers:
Jack Little, Junior Athlete Representative, [email protected]
Katie Jacoby, Senior Athlete Representative, [email protected]