Pentathlon and SR-Meet Info for outside teams

Warmup and Timing Assignments for both meets: Here

Psyche Sheet                           Approximate Timeline

Psyche-Pent                             Timeline - Pent

Psyche-SR                               Timeline - SR

Please note that Timelines are estimates only! The meet will run back-to-back heats using 10 lanes.

The meet will be posted on Meet Mobile. Note that results on Meet Mobile are NOT official results.

The Pentathlon is scored using FINA single-age points. The points for all 5 events are combined, and the top 8 swimmers in each age (age group for 8&U's) will receive a trophy.

update: Please note the JO STDs listed in the Pentathlon timeline and psyche sheet in incorrect. Please refer to this sheet for Current 2017 JO standards.