STAR Meet a storm for SOLO!

SOLO kicked off the first meet of the season with great fast swimming! The STAR Meet on October 15 & 16 was held at CSM and we had a beautiful day on Saturday, followed by heavy rain on Sunday. Our swimmers had great performances both days showing improvements early this season.

The swimmers that took to the water did so with purple power including:

Nathalie B BT 100 free & back

Lhaga D BT 100 back

Sela D BT 50 free, 100 back and 200 IM

Tzewa D BT 50 & 100 free, 50 & 100 back, 50 fly & 100 IM

Emile F BT 100 IM

Ron F BT 50 fr

Roan H BT 25 back & 50 free

Robbie K BT 100 free, back & breast

Adrian K BT 50 breast

Lara K BT 50 breast

Amelia L BT 50 back & breast

Karis L BT 50 free, back & breast

Julia M BT 50 free & back, 100 IM

Drew Nelson BT 50 free & fly, 100 back, breast & IM

Lulu S BT 50 back, breast & fly, 100 free and breast

Kaelyn S BT 100 fly

Carson S BT 100 free & 200 breast

Kai S BT 50 free & back

Lyndsey S BT 100 free & 200 breast

Alexandra W BT 50 & 100 back, 100 breast

Asher W BT 50 free & back

Congratulations to all the athletes on awesome efforts! Especially Tzewa who was awarded "Swimmer Of The Meet" honors with time drops in all her events. And team leadership by being helpful in supporting all the swimmers. Of course the parents also need a big "Thank You" for timing during the meet! Families that timed included Benrey,Freeman, Kunze, Nelson, Schloss, Schultz, Shahani and Watt. Please if you helped time and were not on this list, thank you. Let me know so I am able to add work points. It is a work in progess on getting our volunteer commitments organized at the meets, and giving credit. It is again with much appreciation, and allows the focus to be on the swimmers. Lets get ready to improve in Sunnyvale and DACA! GO SOLO!