February Challenge

February Challenge


On February 6th and 7th, Bellevue Club swimmers took to the ferries and sailed across the Puget Sound to the quaint city of Bainbridge Island for the February Challenge.  With the clock ticking on swimmers who are trying to qualify for Age Group Sectionals, this meet provided one of their last opportunities. 

Swimmers raced well, and Bainbridge Island Swim Team, loaded with several strong swimmers, provided ample competition.  In the end though, Bellevue Club proved too strong for the home team and won the meet by a score of 3,254 to 2,703.  Chinook Aquatic Club finished a distant third with 1,192 points.


But the greatest drama the weekend provided was the race to beat the clock on Sunday night.  Already faced with the knowledge that the Sunday afternoon meet attendees would, at the very least, miss some of the Super Bowl, all who attended had to sweat out whether or not they would be able to catch the 5:30 ferry so they could at least catch some of the second half.


In the end, host team Bainbridge Island came through.  The Sunday timeline ended one hour earlier than expected, enabling all to catch the 5:30 ferry and return home in time to relax with a refreshing  beverage and watch the last remaining minutes of a great game.

And a great game to BCST swimmers for all the strong swims this weekend!


For complete BCST swimmers results: click here


Swimmers who had 100% best times include:


Ed An

Taitum Brooks

Mitchell Eggenberger

Rahul Gupta

Yasmin Luthra

Olivia Manning

Jamie Reid

Kelli Taylor

Philip Wang

Drake Willard