Passing of Ronald Cushing 10/27

It is with great sadness to let the team know of the passing of Ronald Cushing. Our hearts and prayers go out to Thu and Greg Cushing. His battle with leukemia was a tough and long road, and he fought with a never ending smile.

Ronald was a wonderful member of SOLO. He was an amazing young person, with a gift to make everyone around him a little happier. For many years his parents worked to help support the team in every way you can imagine. In 2009 Ronald spent the entire summer at the SOLO camps, and stole the hearts of all those who worked with him. As with many swimmers he developed other activities during middle school and less time at the pool. Shortly after leaving the team, he was diagnosed. He had treatment and it looked like a success. However after a short time back at Gunn HS, he learned this fall of his failing body. Thanks for all the memories!

As an update to the service for Ronald. Many SOLO families and swimmers were able to attend. It was wonderful to share in the celebration of his life, and the support was appreciated by his parents. Ronald loved swimming and his mom Thu, who has great fear of the water, is going to give some lessons a go next summer with us. Just a very powerful reminder to live with love and kindness in our hearts each day. God Bless!