Senior Classic

This weekend is the Senior Classic. The meet is a championship short course meet mostly for 15 and olders, but with some 14 & U's attending. Most of San Diego's top senior swimmer will be in attendance, as well as 200 senior swimmers from out of town.

The highest that CAST has finished in this meet is 4th place (2 years ago). Last year we were 5th. This year we plan on going for one of the top 3 spots. This is the first meet in over 7 years that my senior group has all been qualified for and been able to rest together as one group with everyone focussing on one meet....It's pretty exciting, and I am looking forward to a lot of great swimming.

Job Assignments:

Sat prelims: Head Timer

Sat finals: Runner

Sun Prelims:Program sales

Sun Finals: Runner

Mon Prelims: no job

Mon Finals: Head Timer

Timers are not assigned at this meet. Please help fill spots as neded. We also need one official at each session.

FYI---only a very limited snack bar will be available Sat. and Sun morning (maybe monday morning), so make sure you have plenty f your own food.