Weekly News (Nov 14-21)

Hello all Panthers,


Wow, is all I can say.

I am wowed by our amazing parent volunteers, I am wowed by our parent committee who basically slept at the pool all weekend getting the things done that needed to be done, I am wowed by the support our families and friends gave each and everyone of our swimmers (and coaches), I am wowed by our coaching staff that never seemed to sit down and were running non-stop to make sure athletes were where they needed to be and ready for each and every race and lastly I am wowed by the effort our swimmers put into each and every race. You always make me proud, but this weekend you pushed that level of team pride to a new high.

Thank you all for making us the best swim team I have ever been apart of.



Important Notes:


Girls Records continue to fall:

Congratulations to Gene Sunthornrangsri and Ann Leang-oon for breaking the girls 8 and under records in 25m backstroke (Ann) and 100 IM (Gene). Well done!


No Practice today: Includes Jr Panthers:

Please rest up after a long weekend of swimming.

High School team will have a short sprint practice as they are off training Friday this week.


Free Friday Training (or any other day) for the rest of the Semester:

On the heels of an amazing weekend of high level swims and tons of PBs, we are offering the chance to take your training up a notch. For the rest of this semester you can add one more training day. If you are looking for more “one to one” coaching time, Friday is your day.  Our squad numbers are always low on Friday.


Jr. Panther Squad Expanding to all weekdays (now includes Friday):

Jr. Panther practices will now take place on Friday’s. For the rest of the semester you can add this to your practice schedule at no extra charge.

Next semester, the Jr. Panther program will continue on with the same swimming options as 8 and under, which of course includes Fridays.



Varsity Swim Teams off to Singapore: Wish them good luck!

IASAS Exchange weekend is coming up in 4 days. Our high school swimmers will get a sneak peak at our competition for this year’s IASAS Championships in K.L.

Go Panthers!




Currently ready for Commitment (please mark “decline” or “commit”)


  1. Distance Time Trials (11&over swimmers) Dec 7
  2. Snowflake Jr. Meet with St. Andrews Samakee (10& under) Dec 8
  3. Winter Swim Camp Phuket (Jan 6th and 7th)
  4. Perth Indian Ocean All Stars Challenge



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,